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"There isn't another way." "I didn't say there was, Sweetie."  --  How could he understand what he asked of her. Asking her to kill him, to allow herself to kill him.

Alone. River had always been alone. Yes, for some of it she had Amy and Rory. But for most of her life, for most of what she was, she had always been alone.

The Doctor didn't understand that. For all that he considered himself a loner, the man was rarely alone. He had friends up and down the timestream, his Tardis was always full of Companions and noise and excitement. Comraderie.

Not so for her. She really was alone. Alone in Stormcage. Alone in the orphanage. Alone, despite Amy and Rory, in Leadworth. Even in college, where she'd had friends, she'd still been alone.

Until him.

How could he understand what he asked of her. Asking her to kill him, to allow herself to kill him.

How could she kill the only person who'd ever made her not alone? The only person she knew who really cared. Oh, not for the facade of Mels, lying in wait in Leadworth all those years. Not for "Melody Pond" the infant that Amy and Rory still idealistically loved, never having had to put up with childish tantrums or teenage screams.

He was the only one who loved her, River, the name she'd taken for herself, with all her history, all her tinkered biology, all her training and brainwashing and psychopathic tendencies.

But beyond that, he loved her. The her that had no name, the her that had no history. The her that was smart and funny and frighteningly brave, who drove him crazy, and engaged his mind and played with him and flirted with him and understood him.

The her that could go anywhere in time, but still loved archeology. Who loved the intrigue of it, the mental puzzles of it, who loved the dreams and possibilities of it, and even the dirt and sweat of it.

He was the only person in the universe who was unreservedly delighted to see her. Who wasn't intimidated by her, the one who thought she was cute enough to boink on the nose.

How could she kill him? How could she do that and remain sane? It wasn't that he was perfect, or something to worship or admire. It wasn't because he was a "legend" or a "prince in shining Tardis."

It was because he was the open arms, and the teasing glint, and the irritation over admiring chagrin. It was because he was the other piece to her puzzle. It was that she fit right in that spot between his hearts, just as he fit right in that spot between hers.

It wasn't anything as hokey as "being 'part' of each other," they were both too wildly individualistic for that. It was that they were at their best wildly individual selves together.

For the girl who'd fled monsters and lived and died on the streets as a child, there was no surety in life. No belonging. No welcome.

None but that annoyed sigh and eye roll when she caroled, "Hello, Sweetie." And that secret pleased smile to see her he thought she never saw. The knowledge that here was her hand to hold onto; when she was afraid, when she needed to run, or just when she needed not to be alone.

"But I have to die."

"I'll suffer if I have to kill you."

"More than every living thing in the universe?"

Loners, Together
"There isn't another way." "I didn't say there was, Sweetie."

Doctor Who, 11th Doctor, River Song, Romance, Humor, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, PG

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Doctor to Rose - "Remember hopping for your life?" -

“I don’t think I can keep doing this!” Rose yelled back as she barreled forward, struggling to keep her balance.

“Just keep going!” the Doctor’s gruff voice yelled behind her. She twisted to see, not easy when hopping on one foot, and found him right behind her, his long, athletic leg taking long bounds in his blue jeans, his buzz cut hair much less bouncy than her own, which kept whipping into her eyes and stinging.

She turned back around and hopped. Her left leg was chained to her waist, bent up behind her. Their alien captors had seemed to think that would hobble them enough to keep them from going anywhere.

She grinned fiercely and hopped harder. Her left butt cheek hurt. She was sure she was going to sprain her ankle and she could hear the howls of their pursuers gaining louder behind them.

“Quick, over the creek!” the Doctor’s husky voice said, right behind her.

The Tardis was standing on the opposite bank, a series of large stepping stones were all that separated them from freedom. Stones that had been slippery enough with two legs.

“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding!” Rose stared in disgust, wondering if the creek was shallow enough to just hop through.

A spear sliced through the air and embedded in the loamy ground just beside her. She jumped sideways instinctively, and rammed into the Doctor. He was all muscle and barely shifted. He grabbed her with big hands and set her back on her foot.

“No time for flirting,” he said. “Follow me!”

He, maddeningly, hopped right over the stepping stones, without putting his foot wrong.

A spear streaked across the creek and thudded into the Tardis door, bouncing off. The door opened and Jack peered out, looking both ways. He looked beyond them at the approaching horde then glared at the Doctor as he hopped across the stones.

“Where have you two been?!” he demanded testily.

“Open the door and get out of the way!” the Doctor bellowed, driving forward, his one leg working like a piston.

Rose stared at the stones, hopping lightly to stay upright, she glanced at the swiftly moving creek, then back, hair whipping, at the approaching aliens.

They did not look happy. That’s what they get for bringing down the local god figure.

She grimaced, gritted her teeth, and shouted, “Wait for me!”

She windmilled her arms and hopped to the first stone, skidded, jumped immediately to the second, off balance, slipped again, then just progressively fell forward, one stone at a time, furiously working to keep her foot under her, slipping on each rocky surface, screaming in her head to get some new shoes with more traction.

Then stumbled, floundered, and splashed her way to the opposite bank.

She grabbed the streamside grasses in both hands, wet to the calf, and hauled herself up onto the bank. She rolled, (barely missing getting skewered by a spear that thumped down right where she’d been lying) then scrambled to her foot and hopped like mad for the Tardis.

The Doctor reached it and grabbed the door frame for balance. He waved her forward. “Come on! Hop to it!” he yelled.

She bounced past him into the Tardis in a furious rush, banging up the grated ramp, she could hear him clanging up right behind her.

They both collapsed sideways on the floor next to the console, careful of their bound legs. They lay there panting, eyes checking each other over carefully, catching their breath. The chains around their waists and one ankle clinked on the Tardis grating. Rose’s foot was asleep.

The Tardis dematerialization noise sounded, and they both looked up. Jack stood leaning against the console, arms crossed, twirling the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver in one hand where the Doctor had loaned it to him earlier.

He stared down at them, a naughty smile on his mouth and a twinkle in his eye.

“If I’d known you two were into bondage I’d ...”

“Shut up!” they both yelled simultaneously.
Hopping For Your Life
"Hopping. Remember hopping for your life? No?"

(Based on the 2005 Doctor Who Children in Need Special.)

Doctor Who, 9th Doctor, Rose Tyler, Captain Jack Harkness, Adventure, Humor, Fluff, Missing Scene, PG

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What if the Doctor and River had met as Time Tots? This is Doctor Who done Rugrats, Tiny Toons, and Muppet Babies style.

She was short and pudgy with big blue-green eyes and fluffy curls.

He was short and had a long fringe hanging down over big piney green eyes that peeked out at her shyly from behind his bangs.

“You’re adorable!” the little girl said. She liked his polka dot bow tie, and his little rainbow braces.

He dug a booted toe into the ground shyly and peered at her soulfully. “You’re beautiful.”

She reached out and clasped his hand. The rest of the children ran wild around them, pudgy little nymph Zygons, two twin little Sontarans in baby blue armor, the class puppy Drashig was gnawing on a bowling ball in the corner, making high pitched growly screamy noises, and a bashful little Ood sat in the corner, twiddling nervously with his stubby mouth tentacles and eyeing the others, crossing and uncrossing his legs, as if he wanted to join in, but didn’t know how.

“You can play with me,” the assertive little girl said confidently, gripping his hand. He liked her hand, he liked her, she was pretty, and sure, and she made him feel brave.

“What shall we do?” he asked.

She dragged him across the classroom and threw open the lid to the big blue-paneled toy trunk, she leaned in, legs kicking and pulled out two toy gunbelts, she handed him one proudly.

“Uhm,” he bit his lip, he didn’t want to upset her, “I don’t like guns.”

“Then what do you like?” She tilted her head, her voice piped, her eyes blinked, honestly curious, and he fell a little bit more in love.

“I like to fix things.” He smiled proudly, sticking his stubby thumbs under his braces and stretching them happily, bouncing on his toes.

She rolled her eyes and leaned back into the box. She came up holding a construction workers belt. She wrapped it around his waist and did the buckle.

“There, now we match!” She grinned, proudly wearing her gunbelt, dimpled arms akimbo.

He looked down doubtfully at the empty loops on the belt, it only had a hammer hanging on one side.

“I don’t like to hit things,” he said.

She huffed and blew a curl out of her face. He tilted his head down and looked up at her through his bangs, unsure.

“Right!” she dove back into the toybox, legs kicking, rummaging around in the copious interior.

She leaned back and dropped down, and handed him a bright yellow plastic toy screwdriver.

He took it with shining eyes, examining the plastic seams, running his little hands over it. Then held it up high like a lightsaber. “Now we can do anything!” he said in a high, excited voice.

He looked down at her with her gunbelt, and up at his screwdriver like a lightsaber. “You can be Han Solo, and I’ll be Luke Skywalker!”

There was a crash and yowls of anguish from across the room. They saw that the little Zygons and Sontarans had toppled the Peladon’s cubs toy block Citadel. The little humanoids with their puffy stripped afros were cowering under the table, blocks scattered around them, crying.

The Drashig puppy stopped chewing on his bowling ball and gallumped over to investigate, hissing at the cubs, making them cry more.

“Right!” the little girl said, curls abristle with righteous indignation. “That’s just mean!

The boy grabbed her hand and flourished his screwdriver confidently, he grinned at her, a tiny little dork in a polka dot bow tie and rainbow braces.

We can fix it!”
The Baby Episode (Doctor Who)
Summary:. What if the Doctor and River had met as Time Tots? This is Doctor Who done Rugrats, Tiny Toons, and Muppet Babies style.

Author's Note
: People are always asking me to write a Time Baby story, but I'm not really comfortable going that far out of canon. So instead of giving the Doctor and River a baby, this is my version.

Doctor Who, 11th Doctor, River Song, Romance, Humor, Fluff, Babyfic, G

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This is my 300th Doctor Who story!
("I can see what is, what was, what could be, what must not. That's the burden of a Time Lord." - River is part Time Lord. What happens when she can suddenly see all the possibilities of what might have happened, if she hadn't chosen the Doctor.)

River was drawing weird circular Gallifreyan writing in the water condensation from her glass, smearing the water around on the table mindlessly, accenting it with flicks and swirls.

Amy watched her for a minute, a bit surprised. It wasn’t often she came upon her daughter brooding.

“Anything wrong, River?” she asked, sliding into another stool on the opposite side of the breakfast bar.

River looked up, startled. That in itself was disturbing. How deep in thought was she that she would be unaware of her surroundings?

“Hello, Amy. No, just thinking,” with a distracted smile, River went back to her doodling.

Amy stared, nonplussed.

“What about?” she asked, unable not to pry.

“Husbands, and cages, and shackles, and keys...” River said, still distracted.

“So, kinky stuff then?” Amy asked cheerfully.

River’s eyes snapped to hers, wide. Then she threw back her head and peeled with laughter. “No!” she said, still laughing. Then she tipped her curly head coyly, thinking about it. “Not that I couldn't go for that interpretation.” The devilish look in her eye said she was already considering possibilities.

Amy grinned, happy to have snapped her daughter out of her funk. “So,” she leaned forward. She tapped a sharp fingernail beside one of the symbols that was slowly spreading out and blobbing together. “What does this mean?”

River looked down. “Marriage.”

Amy’s ginger eyebrows tipped up. “And this one?”

“Slavery,” River answered.

Amy scowled. “You equate marriage with slavery?” All her maternal instincts came roaring to the fore, wondering what the Doctor had done to her daughter.

River must have heard the tone in her voice. She looked up, her eyes were calm, deep, a sort of twilight depth that Amy had occasionally seen in the Doctor’s eyes, usually when he was being all Time Lordy and weird.

“No,” River reassured her. “Cultural traditions aside, as interesting as they can be, no. I was just thinking. There’s this...” Her words trailed off, she looked up at her mother, her childhood best friend, her ally. “Have you ever heard the Doctor talk about timelines?” she asked, a bit hesitantly, especially for her.

Amy nodded, uncomfortable, a bit worried by River’s mood. “He says everything’s possible somewhere and as a Time Lord he can see all the possible timelines. And that there are fixed points, and so on, and that’s usually where my eyes start to glaze over.”

River smiled wryly. “Yes, well, not to make your eyes glaze over, but...”

Amy’s eyes got wide. “You can do that too?”

River grinned wryly. “Timehead,” she reminded her mother in a singsong voice.

“But... I didn’t really think...” Amy reached forward and caught her daughter’s hands. “I was just nervous, I didn’t mean anything by it,”she reassured River.

River seemed to relax a bit, she squeezed her hands back. “You were righter than you knew.”

Amy bit her lip, eyes darting back to the squiggles on the countertop. “So what’s that got to do with ‘marriage’ and ‘slavery?’”

River drew in a deep breath, “I can’t control it like the Doctor can, but every once in a while, I can... see the timestreams.”

Amy tensed up inside. “And?”

“And I know you and Rory have always wondered why I stay in Stormcage.”

Amy scowled. “You didn’t do anything wrong! You saved him! I don’t see why that means you have to stay in prison!” She flounced slightly in her chair, unable to keep still in her ire.

River grinned. “There are plenty of practical reasons for it. To uphold the con that he’s dead. To provide me a safe place when I’m not with him, since the place is a fortress and there are plenty of people who’d like to get at me, either for good or ill because I 'killed' him, or even because they know I’m his wife. And, frankly, dear mother, I needed it at first.”

Amy glared daggers at her, annoyed that she would talk about her daughter like that.

River grinned and squeezed her fingers affectionately. “It’s all right, I needed a bit of 'punishment' to finally make me feel free.”

Amy growled. “That sounds decidedly kinky, or psychotic.”

River shrugged. “I was psychotic. What else could you call it? I did kill him after all, just not at that lake. And bringing him back, giving my lives for his, that just made it worse in some ways. Staying in Stormcage, at least until I figured out how to get out, helped me feel that I'd done my time, 'paid my dues'.

"I knew I wasn’t guilty of anything, but still, I’d been programmed all my life for it. Then I undid it. Then I married him. Which was completely not what I was ever raised for. Stormcage gave me stability, and routine, and plenty of time to think myself through. Weirdly enough. I needed it. And the Doctor was wise enough to see that.”

Amy glared daggers at her, then jumped up, came around the bar and hugged her fiercely.

River laughed and hugged her young mother back just as fiercely.

“It’s okay, Amy. I’m fine now. These days Stormcage is just a place to crash, get my mail, and have a shower. I haven’t needed to be there in a long time.”

Amy pulled back and stared at her. “So why the weird ‘marriage’ and ‘slavery’ symbols?”

River wet her lips and looked down at them. “Because I was finally able to see the timelines.” She looked back up at Amy, a terrifying haunted look in her eye.

“It’s not about marriage being slavery, or the Doctor keeping me in Stormcage. Not that he ever did.

“But if I hadn’t made that decision that day, at Berlin, at the Lake, I would never have been free of the Silence.” She shuddered. Completely un-River-like, she laid her forehead on Amy’s shoulder.

“I would have been a slave for the rest of my life.”

Amy’s heart broke. She saw again that image of Kovarian, reaching out to take her baby from her.

She clung tighter to River.

River laughed a little hiccuping laugh and patted her on the back.

“Look at us. We’re getting maudlin.” She backed up, snuffled a mighty snuffle and smiled watery at her mother.

“Stormcage isn’t a cage my marriage created. I’m not 'shackled' to the Doctor. God knows the man is difficult enough to track down at the best of times.” She grinned reminiscently.

“I’d just realized, out of all possible timelines, I’d picked the best one, the one that really set me free.  All the cages, and shackles and keys, are actually signs of my freedom."

Amy stared down at her, tears smeared on her cheeks. Suddenly her eyes went quiet and thoughtful, then she started grinning.

“So that’s why you have that fixation,” she said in a whisper, and swallowed a giggle. "I always wondered why the Doctor didn't mind."

“What?” River asked.  

“So,” Amy said, in mock innocence. Her eyebrows tipped up. “Handcuffs?”

River looked at her in surprise. Then gave her a sly, and thoroughly naughty grin.
"I can see what is, what was, what could be, what must not. That's the burden of a Time Lord." -  River is part Time Lord. What happens when she can suddenly see all the possibilities of what might have happened, if she hadn't chosen the Doctor.

Doctor Who, 11th Doctor, River Song, Romance, Humor, Family, Hurt/Comfort, PG

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Doctor Who Series 8

   A lot of the "arc scenes" in Series 8 don't actually make any sense once you've seen the finale.

   I'm really tired of us getting fed arc elements that then end up not actually meaning anything, other than to be a carrot to "lure" us to watch the finale. So I came up with some ideas that I think would make those elements actually tie into the finale better. And maybe, on rewatch, even make them more fun.

   These are just my ideas. And my belief that just a little bit of story editing would go a long way:

   1.) Why did Missy pull in the Half-Faced man? He's not human, he's a robot. He's got no soul and no human body to convert. So why him?

     A. The Half-Faced man wakes up and adjusts his hat and sees the woman. She comes up to him, tells him congratulations, he's reached the Promised Land, and she hopes her boyfriend wasn't too hard on him. Then asks him if he jumped, or if he was pushed. "He's such a naughty boy. I'm sorry if he caused you any trouble." She sits down at a garden table beside him and pulls out a recording sphere which she clicks on and puts between them. "But I do like to keep an eye on him." She leans forward avidly, almost pathologically avidly, very stalkerish. "So tell me everything."

   2.) Why did Missy download a miniaturized soldier from the future who had been turned into protein gloop? Not only was she in the wrong time period, but she also had no body left to "Cyberconvert."

     A. This scene would play out basically the same way it did in the episode, but the implication now, would be that Missy is also pumping her for information on the Doctor. "Would you like some tea? Little splosh? Lovely."

   3.) Why were robots repairing a space ship to go to the "Promised Land" when it wasn't even a place, it was a computer program? And they were robots, therefore having no souls, minds, or bodies to convert, so how did they fit in? And how did they know about the Promised Land in the first place?

     A. My answer would take a bit more tinkering with the episode as a whole. Make the robots Cybermen. Of course, the Doctor freaks out because Cybermen are in Robin Hood's England. He assumes the Sheriff and "Robin" are actually Cyber-controlled and brainwashed locals (only to reveal that the Sheriff is actually half Cyberman like Tobias Vaughn.) (Which would make it even more radical that they were using gold to repair their ship, and why they need humans to deal with it. And make it even more symbolic when the Sheriff is stopped by dropping him into a vat of it.) They could explain it by, "The original substance is not available here, gold is the nearest equivalent for repairs." And that they had promised the Sheriff he could keep the gold that was left over. Greed is always a good motivator.

     But, and here's the main thing, when the Doctor reads that the Cybermen are heading for "The Promised Land" have it also revealed that their mission is to retrieve the treasure that had been stolen from them. (Which ends up being that Missy had stolen their Cyberconversion technology, and they intended to get it back. So, later, on rewatch, it would be realized that by stopping these Cybermen the Doctor had actually, accidentally, helped protect Missy and her plot.)

   4.) The policeman in Caretaker would happen the same way, since he's in the right time zone, place, species, and it makes sense he could be converted to a Cyberman. Missy looking at him and walking away is mysterious enough, and could, again, imply she was thinking about what she'd learned from the others, and her plans.

   5.) Flatline - the mention of  "Clara. My Clara. I have chosen well,"  can be explained later with a line in Death in Heaven when Missy is taunting the Doctor about Clara while the plane is crashing:

   MISSY: Oh, and now it begins. Doctor, I do believe you're on call. Miss Oswald expects. Who else but the girl who's got your number? Whoops!
   DOCTOR: It was you!
   (He remembers answering the phone in The Bells of St John.)
   CLARA [memory]: Ah, hello.
   DOCTOR 11 [memory]: Where did you get this number?
   CLARA [memory]: The woman in the shop wrote it down. It's a helpline, isn't it?
   MISSY: (Cockney) Computer helpline, love. That's the one. Best helpline in the universe.
   DOCTOR: You put us together.
   MISSY: I kept you together.
   (Back to Deep Breath.)
   CLARA [memory]: Who put that advert in the paper?
   DOCTOR [memory]: Who gave you my number?
   CLARA [memory]: The woman. The woman in the shop.
   DOCTOR [memory]: Then there's a woman out there who's very keen that we stay together.
   DOCTOR: Why?

   Instead of:"Cos she's perfect, innit? The control freak and the man who should never be controlled. You'd go to hell if she asked. And she would. The phone's ringing, Doctor. Can you hear that? Now that is the sound of your chain being yanked. Heel, Doctor! (as Clara) Help me, Doctor. Help me. Help me, Doctor."

   No need to imply it needed to be a "control freak" or that there was anything special about Clara, anyone would have done. That Missy was just looking for "a" Companion for him, instead Missy could say:

   MISSY: "Because she was a very demanding customer, and so persistent. I thought you deserved it. And you always did like a pretty face. And you'll do anything for your Companions, won't you? Even go to hell if they ask."

   Then add: (because it never was clarified why it had to be specifically Clara, or how she ties into Missy's plan, since Missy didn't know Clara would fall in love with Danny or that Danny would die and end up in the Nethersphere.)

   DOCTOR: Buy why Clara? How does she fit into your plans?
   MISSY: (shrugs) No reason. Anyone would do. (Looks up evilly, implying.) Everyone has loved ones. Relatives. Boyfriends...

   Which would make it even more sinister that when the Doctor answers the phone, and it's Clara begging him to tell her how to turn on her boyfriend's emotion inhibitor, because he hurts...

   (I'm hoping people would get the implication here that Danny's accident was no accident. And that whatever person Missy had sent to the Doctor as a Companion would have ended up with some relative or loved one killed, and that that traffic accident wasn't such an accident.)

   So, Missy's having "chosen Clara well" is more about the fact that Clara had worked out well for her, rather than any specially inherent attribute of Clara's.

   6.) The references to the little girl thinking "Miss" had told her to go find the Doctor work fine as they are. Missy's a Time Lord too, and more than capable of putting a suggestion into a young head. (And it was to Missy's benefit that the Doctor and Clara stay together. So this is another example of her putting them together and keeping them together.) Also the "that was unexpected, I love surprises," thing sort of works, because Missy would have been stuck there in the forested present day London at W3 too. So it was to her benefit that the Earth wasn't destroyed. Sending the kid to the Doctor may have been Missy's way of making sure things were taken care of. Since this sort of thing is rather the Doctor's specialty. But I don't think any of that had to be said, since it wasn't immediately obvious, or necessary for the stories to work.

   7.) Dark Water/Death in Heaven would have played out basically the same then, other than that one conversation in the plane I changed above. Although, I think I would have added a muttered, "He doesn't need any more friends," when Missy ground poor dead Osgood's glasses under her shoe. Just to make her killing of Osgood just a bit less arbitrary, and tie it more into the "I need my friend back!" reveal later.

   Anyway, those are my ideas. I think then, when going back and rewatching the previous stories of the season, it would be a little more fun, since the arc references would make a bit more sense.

   1.) Missy had recruited Clara as the Doctor's Companion, because she needed a Companion who was from the present day where her 3W was situated, and who had relatives or loved ones Missy could kill to get the Companion to demand the Doctor stop it from happening, in order to lure him to 3W. (Yeah, it still doesn't make sense that the Doctor would believe in an afterlife, but I guess we can blame it on the Tardis telepathic circuits for piloting them there. Danny's brain patterns were in the gallifreyan computer in the building. So she wasn't "wrong." It just happened to be a Gallifreyan version of the Afterllife. Like the Panatropic net on Gallifrey.)

   2.) The Half-Faced Man and Dalek dissolved soldier were pulled in so Missy could pump them for information on the Doctor's whereabouts and doings.

   3.) The robots going to the promised land, where actual Cybermen, who were going there to retrieve the Cybertechnology the Master had stolen from them. But were stopped by a golden arrow. (Sorry, but that would have made that arrow ending much more fun for me. Just dink a Cybership with a golden arrow and the whole thing explodes. Brilliant. In a totally fanboyish "Cybermen are allergic to gold" sort of way. :-D) [Which I think Gatiss would have appreciated.]

   4.) Then the rest of the stories, and the arc in general, makes a bit more sense:


   Missy/The Master stole Cyberconversion technology and planted a convenient present day Companion on the Doctor so that she could create a Cyber Army to give the Doctor as a present to lure him back into being friends with her. [Yeah, it's lame, I know, but the Master always was sort of nuts that way.]  Missy/The Master then kills the Companion's boyfriend in a car accident so the Companion will beg the Doctor to fix it, which leads him to the Master at St. Paul's cathedral and The Master puts her plan into action to convert all of mankind.

   She's thwarted by the "love" of the Companion's boyfriend, and her usual inability to believe that the Doctor isn't just like her. (Pretty par for the course for the Master who's been trying to drag the Doctor into his schemes for centuries.)

   I don't even find it all that unusual that the Master would have a plan to give the Doctor an army, only to also try to kill him beforehand. By this point, I think trying (and failing) to kill the Doctor is probably a knee-jerk reaction for the Master. She probably knows or expects he won't die, so this is just a bit like playing for them, she even watches what he'll do from the Nethersphere, not particularly surprised, just sort of resignedly annoyed when the Doctor "wins that round" again.

   Anyway, those are my suggestions, editing ideas, and general "How can I make this arc work" thoughts.

   What do you think?
Fixing the Series 8 Arc
This isn't just a rewrite of a scene or a story, it's my re-edit of an entire series arc (haven't done that before) so it's not quite my usual fare on DeviantART, but I thought some of you might like it.

As with all art, the devil's in the details, so here's me tweaking the details of Moffat's story, trying to make it one coherent story across the whole series. I'm always yelling that the show needs an editor, and every once in a while I break down and edit it myself.

(I really do think that only a few tiny changes, most of them just dialogue changes, the cheapest and easiest possible kind, can make all the difference in a story. In this case, even the one big "special effects" change would have saved them money, since they wouldn't have had to come up with whole new robots.)

As always, my intent is not to change the storyline wholesale, but rather to edit, polish up and smooth out what is already there, so the story (or in this case the arc) makes sense as a whole.
If you like this, you may enjoy my other revisions, which are rewritten as whole stories (rather than notes like this) so you can have fun seeing if you can spot the changes, and whether or not they work.

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Angels Take Manhattan - Alternate Ending

Closing Time - Alternate Ending

11th Doctor Regeneration Scene, Alternate Version
I'm a prolific Doctor Who fan fiction writer. I write Doctor Who stories from as short as a couple of hundred words to full novels and everything in between.

All the stories are canon compliant, meaning they're the type and rating of thing you'd find in the TV show itself. Adventure, mystery, humor, romance, and fluff. Alien worlds, historical times, contemporary adventures, and including all the different Doctors and Companions from Doctor Who, Classic and New.

I hope you enjoy the stories.

(I'm new here on DeviantART, so I'll be adding the stories gradually over time.)

All stories are works of fan fiction. Doctor Who belongs to the BBC. No infringement is intended.


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United States
Longtime Doctor Who fan and writer.

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Will you put the TARDIS in more stuff? Maybe as human? (If possible again, or maybe another TARDIS that they find somewhere on their travels)
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You know I was thinking as much a Amy loves to tease the Doctor, she probably likes to tease River too. Do you think she ever asked them about granbabies just to watch the ensuing madness? Not sure what Rory would say. Of course the thought of actually becoming a granny at her age might really give her grey hair.
Betawhofic Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014
That's a good idea. Unfortunately, if I wrote it right now, it would probably be all sad and angsty, I can see River, as Rory's daughter, secretly really wanting children, but knowing it's not possible because it's too dangerous.

But, I'll let the idea percolate in the back of my head for a while, maybe something better will occur to me.
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